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Hammer Strut Pin

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Cross post from the troubleshooting forum. I figure it's applicable to here too.

I own a SA GI 45 and I'm in the process of switiching out some of the not-so-GI parts on it for more "correct" ones. I've replaced the slide stop, safety, and mag release with no problem. All I have left to do is the hammer (and the mainspring assembly, but that's another kettle of fish). However, it seems that the hammer strut pin and its corresponding hole on the SA hammer is smaller than the one meant for my GI hammer. I've looked around at various places that sell hammer strut pins, but there is no mention of different sizes. I have three questions:

1. Does SA use a smaller pin than those used on older 1911a1's?
2. When I buy a new pin do I need to find a specific size?
3. Will I need a new hammer strut to go with the new pin?

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I installed genuine WW2 M1911A1 replacement parts for the hammer, slide lock, and thumb safety of my SA "WW2 GI" pistol. Only the normal fitting of the safety was required.

You sure your hamer pin is wrong?

-- Chuck
Yeah. The thing falls right out when you turn the assembly on its side. Either the pin is too small or the hole in the hammer is too large. Perhaps my GI hammer isn't actually a spec GI hammer. Is there a good place that sells the real deal?
Mine were gunshow "still in wrap" items. The hammer had a horrible trigger pull so I put the reproduction back for shooting.

-- Chuck
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