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Hammer won't stay back

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Anyone had this problem? I have a Target Poly hi-cap. It's been a nightmare after about 200 rounds with jams and now this. I called Kimber service and the rep sounded as if I was interupting her crossword puzzle. I had to DRAG the address out of her . Makes me nervous about sending anything to Kimber. Anyone have dealings with Dawson Precisian?
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I know you're nervous, but I'm a firm believer in giving a manufacturer a chance to correct their errors...then I blast them when it's still screwed up.
Phred -

Dawson Precision is located just around the corner from where I live. I have purchased quite a few items from them and they were most helpful. When Caspian messed up my order, Dawson did some machineing on my Caspian slide for me free of charge.

I can't say enough about Dawson Precision.

Hey Phred, I'm with gm45 on this.
Give them a chance. I had good luck dealing with Winslow so maybe ask for him.
Good luck.
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