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If you want to travel west a little, there is a place called The Site, operated by Herschel Davis.
I haven't been there myself, but hear nothing but good.

If you are willing to travel a couple of hours southeast, the Boone County (Indiana) Sheriff's Dept (Lebanon, IN) has a GunSite adjunct instructor as the Rangemaster- Capt Ken Campbell. They open classes up to non-LEOs, and have guest intructors (Pat Rogers and Louis Awerbuck to name two) in addition to classes taught by him. I think the next one on the schedule is the off-site GunSite course (API 150) in late October.
Besides that, their next classes may not be until next year.
I'll give you contact info if you like. I have to look it up.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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