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While I find it distasteful to brag, I have to just this once.

I was browsing the Inet for a duty weapon, looking with no intent to buy....yeah, right.....when I happened onto an ad for a 1991 @ a good price. I'm not into spending big bucks for a weapon, mostly because I don't have big bucks.

Soon to be in my hands: Mirror polished Stainless steel 1991A1. Custom grip and thumb safeties. FLGR. Standard sights. Flat MSH. No fs checkering (thank you!!).

Price??? $500!!!

Ads all around this one had prices around a hundred dollars more. No other weapon even close to this one in quality or extras. Whadda steal.

Side Note: the two 1991's I've examined were head and shoulders above my Springfield for fit and finish. Should be a real pleasure to shoot.

When reason fails...
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