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As I’ve been “away” throughout most of this year, I thought that perhaps I might find a Happy Thanksgiving wishes thread to add my greetings and best wishes to all Wilson faithful friends. But not finding such a thread, maybe I could start one.

Just to keep the thread somewhat Wilson related, looking at the decisions Bill and his family have made about product development in recent years have proven very astute. And these decisions have helped us to enjoy our past and present Wilson acquisitions all that much more.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
So great to see you post again! Happy Thanksgiving to you, and all the members here. Bill's addition, as David said, the X family of pistols has been a great decision and very successful. Along with those, the Experior line of pistols is astute as well. I can't wait to see what they are planning for the 50th anniversary edition, I'm already saving for it.

Your posts are always read by several of us, as they tend to be insightful and civil. Looking forward to seeing you post some more as the year winds down (and into the new year).
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