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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

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As I’ve been “away” throughout most of this year, I thought that perhaps I might find a Happy Thanksgiving wishes thread to add my greetings and best wishes to all Wilson faithful friends. But not finding such a thread, maybe I could start one.

Just to keep the thread somewhat Wilson related, looking at the decisions Bill and his family have made about product development in recent years have proven very astute. And these decisions have helped us to enjoy our past and present Wilson acquisitions all that much more.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Good to see you posting @chrysanthemum

It is odd.......my Wilson Combat fun started with their M92 offerings...then the Vickers G19 and rifles in .308 & 6.5 Grendel.

Finally I was able to add a 5" in .38 Super two years after they made the announcement they were dropping the cartridge (still had some barrels on hand).

The latest Wilson Combat I've added is one that many people start with...a CQB in .45.

I went about it backwards.

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