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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

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As I’ve been “away” throughout most of this year, I thought that perhaps I might find a Happy Thanksgiving wishes thread to add my greetings and best wishes to all Wilson faithful friends. But not finding such a thread, maybe I could start one.

Just to keep the thread somewhat Wilson related, looking at the decisions Bill and his family have made about product development in recent years have proven very astute. And these decisions have helped us to enjoy our past and present Wilson acquisitions all that much more.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Great to see you back Chrys'! I hope all is well with you and your Family. Great to have your insight and calm nature back on the 1911 F....

As far as WC products, I am stuck on their 1911's. I have others and 2011's too, but I will only trust my SD needs to the WC 1911's. They have proven very well (and I have many samples of them) that they run flawlessly.
Thank you, Thank you CA…and everyone. As you probably recall, I too am close to the 1911. It’s my choice for all handgun purposes. I’ve come to recognize that many other people are drawn to Wilson’s newer products, separate from or in addition to 1911s. Several years ago, the Wilson family foresaw all of this very clearly, and as one result of their vision, Wilson Combat remains today a thriving, successful firearms builder…better than ever from a business and customer service continuity perspective. And even for a 1911 purist as myself, all of the positive developments at Wilson Combat, ensuring future continuity, provide me with a happy confidence that I can count on Wilson to continue support for my treasured and trusted 1911s.
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