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Before I purchased a S&W 1911pd, I owned a Para Ordinace 14-45 LDA, a Springfield Loaded in Kote Green, a Kimber BP Ten II. I have also shot a Colt 1991, a Springfield Milspec, and a Kimber Custom II extensively (family owned guns).

I still have my Kimber BP Ten II, but the other guns have all gone, and the Kimber hasn't been shot since I got hte S&W. First magazine, I fired at 15 yards, slowly and carefully, and have NEVER shot that good of a group with a 1911 in my life. (Glockaholic, and used to do a lot of dry firing with them). I had 5 of the eight rounds touching in the red, and the other three were within an inch of the main group. The trigger was heavier than my other 1911's, (about 6-7lbs), but it had no creap and was damned crisp.

Reliability wise, it's on par with my glocks. i have yet to have a malfunction when shooting it, even thoguh I've tried to get it to jam by limp wristing, and not cleaning it between range trips.

A good trigger job by a competant smith and the gun is the sweetest I own, bar none.

I am VERY happy with my S&W 1911Pd, it's the only smith auto I like and it's the best gun I have.
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