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Happy with your SW?

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I'm a newbie here.

I have been conviced by my local 1911 fanatics to give up my Sig ways and come over to the dark side....

I have been researching this thing to death, and there are so many options....

I have heard a lot of positive about the SW products. Overall, have you been pleased with the gun? In comparision to other 1911s you have shot/owned how does it stack up?

I'm a simply paper cutter......no competition.
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I started a similar thread a while back when I got a chance to buy a SW 1911 at a good price. Question - which model? I purchased model #108284 which is made of stainless steel with adjustable sights and a full length guide rod. I know, I know! It isn't the way JMB designed the gun! But I still like it and it shoots great. It is both accurate and functional. And all at a great price. What more could you ask? :)
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