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sw1911pd said:
I bought a SW1911 PD last year. While the pistol wasn't pefrect out of the box, the best part of bying a S&W is their awesome customer service. Five day turn around times are the norm.
+1 on the customer service! :rock:

BTW, I have a 5" stainless, and my buddy just got the 1911PD commander size model. I love the feel of the PD, but I to be honest with you, after firing his, which went without any hiccups on its first outing, I like the softer recoil on my stainless steel 5" better. I'm not carrying it off duty, so it doesn't make a difference to me. If I was though, I might opt for the PD. Enjoy the new purchase and remember to buy the wifey something nice to make her forget. :biglaugh:
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