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Happy with your SW?

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I'm a newbie here.

I have been conviced by my local 1911 fanatics to give up my Sig ways and come over to the dark side....

I have been researching this thing to death, and there are so many options....

I have heard a lot of positive about the SW products. Overall, have you been pleased with the gun? In comparision to other 1911s you have shot/owned how does it stack up?

I'm a simply paper cutter......no competition.
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At this point, no I'm definitely not happy with my S&W.

My latest SW1911SC (and probably last) purchase has turned into a nightmare.

This is the replacement barrel, as received from S&W today after I sent
the original in for a recrown. It is obvious that it left S&W like this. It
was returned in a manila bubble-pack envelope which did not have so
much as a ruffle on it.

I also got the frame back today and it's worse than when I sent it in.
It is now 3-4 different shades. I will be calling a Supervisor tomorrow
and try one last time to get this mess sorted out. I haven't even had
a chance to fire it. The slide, frame and barrel all had defects right
out of the box. After getting these parts back I'm definitely not
very optimistic.
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