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Hard Chrome

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I got a nice deal 10 years ago on a nickle Colt. It was stored improperly and was starting to look bad (flake). I had all the gunsmithing I could ever think of done and had the gun hard chromed. All I can say is this has got to be the best, most durable finish I've ever seen. I have a CZ 75 also done this way. Both are my main range guns and have over 10,000 rounds through each. I can't see any wear on either gun and the parts move smoother too.

Does anyone else have experience with a good hard chrome job?
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Ain't nothing like hard chrome. It's amazing stuff.

Just a note on your Colt. You may find that the electroless nickle finish that was flaking was not a result of improper storage. Depending on the age of the gun it may have been a problem from the factory. A batch of Colt's had rust appear from underneath the nickle. Seems they let some bare polished metal stand out in the air too long between the polish and the plating, which resulted in corrosion forming beneath the plating and the subsequent flaking and pitting.

I had a government model that I bought in 1980 that was produced in late 79 end up with the problem I described. Your gun may have been from the same batch.
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