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Hard Chrome

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I got a nice deal 10 years ago on a nickle Colt. It was stored improperly and was starting to look bad (flake). I had all the gunsmithing I could ever think of done and had the gun hard chromed. All I can say is this has got to be the best, most durable finish I've ever seen. I have a CZ 75 also done this way. Both are my main range guns and have over 10,000 rounds through each. I can't see any wear on either gun and the parts move smoother too.

Does anyone else have experience with a good hard chrome job?
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Oh Yeah – for durability hard chrome over good carbon steel is the ONLY way to go in my book. Just get all your modification and de-horning done first. I can’t understand the "Stainless" thing…... other than it's cheaper (but remember, it's also inferior in a metallurgical sense). And the paint job finishes; they’re fine .. unless you plan on actually using/carrying the gun. Nope, it’s blued or hard chromed steel for me.

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