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Lots of good discussion there and I can't say I disagree with any of it. While I am big on not letting my "tool box" become so crowded with "tools" that I get confused, no one flashlight technique works for every situation.

If you are searching a building for a suspect but there might be "no-shoots" around (and who can guarantee that there won't be) then it is difficult to "hunt" from the Harries as you will cover people who do not need to be covered ( a *potential* felony even for a police officer in my state). Also Harries is very fatiquing after a while. Don't get the idea I don't like Harries, it is fine for the brief time you need it.

I can use the Rogers OK but some people can't. You have to try it for yourself but be sure you mind the position of your fingers in relation to the trigger.

Don't over look the "neck index" (it is labled several different terms, like "cheek index" or "Sure-Fire technique") - I don't have any dog in the labeling fight but it is simply the flashlight indexed on your weak side with the gun fired strong hand only (the light illuminates the sights and the target) - of course one must immediately extinguish the light and move as soon as you fire. At least you can hunt with this (normally the light is off until you have an area you wish illuminated) and keep the weapon in a retention or "close quarters ready" position pointed in a safe direction until you need to shoot.

A final word is use a light with fear and trembling - they are horrible bullet magnets no matter what position you favor!

Be careful out there,
Jim Higginbotham
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