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Has anyone tried a MechTech Conversion?

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I have been reading about the conversions units available from MechTech but have not heard from anyone that has tried this... is it any good? Does it work? Is it as advertised? Accuracy? Feeding? I think it would be neat to put either a Single-Stack frame or a Double-stack 1911 Frame in one and PLAY!

Here's their website: http://www.mechtechsys.com/

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You can do a search, there's been a few threads around here...

You can also refer to the links on this thread... http://www.1911forum.com/ubb/Forum22/HTML/000055.html

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I've got one. They work real good, exactly as advertised. Accuracy is surprising. Only drawback is that you cannot disassemble the unit for cleaning.
A friend of mine has one with a red dot sight on it. Feeding wise, no problems but has only put FMJ through it. Blast to shoot and is very accurate.
Coincidentally, I took mine out last weekend and was embarrased when the firng pin turned out to be stuck in its channel, firing about 50% of the time.

Grrrrr. Have to send it back to the factory for cleaning.
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