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Has this ever happened to you?

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At a recent IDPA match, I was shooting a blind stage and had a couple of malfunctions. The blind stage required the use of a flashlight, (even though it was during the day), so I was holding the flashlight with my left hand and holding/shooting the gun with my right hand.

When the malfunction occured, I glanced into the ejection port enough to notice the empty was gone and the next round was still held in the magazine, I then did a racking manuver to put the gun back in action. After thinking about what I saw, I think I brushed the slide stop on with my thumb.

Now the reason I think I did this is because this particular weapon is a commander length 1911 with an Ed Brown narrow thumb safety, and Chip McCormick thin grip panels. I have fairly long fingers and hold a 1911 type of weapon with my thumb on the thumb safety. But what I think I was doing is while effectively shooting stong hand only, my thumb might have been slipping off the thumb safety on recoil and since the grip panels are thin my thumb could more easily get to the slide stop.

Oh, by the way, I also checked to see if the rounds coming up in the magazine could be brushing the slide stop on but that's not the problem.

So, what do ya think?
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