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Hi all.

Just wanted to pass along my expierence with Jerry Evans and Haugen Handgun Leather (http://www.haugenhandgunleather.com/).

I ordered the Equalizer in horsehide and python trim (#105) on 8/9 and received the holster on 8/17. Faster turn around then what the website stated of 2-4 weeks!

It is a great holster! Fit is perfect, and with the dark horsehide and the python trim on the metal mouthband, it looks quite SCHNAZZY! With the lower front cut out, presentations are quite fast.

I have been putting it through its paces! Imagine Robert Deniro, with clothing on, practicing quick draws and not asking "are you talking to me"!
Yeah I might be a nut, but if I know I'm crazy I must not be insane, right?

In all seriousness though, I could not be happier with the holster or the service that Jerry provided to me.

I'll say this about the performance 105 so far for my G19/32 (okay it isn't for a 1911, but I don't really need a new holster for my 1911s, but what does need have to do with it right?
) it is every bit as good as my Kramer vertical scabbard (which is a great holster) and my Alessi QCB (another great holster).

I don't know any higher praise then to say that the Haugen holster is as good as Greg's or Lou's great holsters!


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