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Have You Ever Knowingly Overpaid for a Gun?

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About a month ago I bought my first 1911, a LNIB Ruger Commander. I found it at a LGS, and being something that I lusted after when it was released, I bought it pretty much right on value. I shot it a couple of times, and liked it, but found that I’ve been shooting my .22 more since it’s so much cheaper.

Last week I was in another shop looking at (and purchasing) a S&W Victory, and this gun was sitting on the used shelf. I’m a sucker for an old blued gun, and as lame as it sounds, it just kind of spoke to me. Long story short, I purchased my new Victory, and went back the next day with my Ruger and traded for the Colt. It’s a ‘71 LW Commander, and in the end, I figured with what I lost in the trade, I overpaid by around $100. I left thinking I’d regret it the next day, but I’m happy to say that I’m almost a week out, and am still super excited to pick it up when I get it added to my license.

I guess it’s just not in my blood to overpay for something like this, but I’m surprised with how little buyers remorse I have. Have you ever knowingly overpaid for a gun because it’s what you wanted?
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I have overpaid plenty of times... but not "KNOWINGLY". Most of the time they were new models just out and I wanted them and actually believe I was getting a good deal only to see them a good hundred dollars cheaper in 3 to 6 months. But at the time they were mostly unavailable or limited. The most recent one was some time ago when Sig Sauer came out with the P938, and the prior one was the Kimber Solo. Both were new models and the vendors were selling them at near MSRP. I think I paid about $1000 for the Solo and about $850 for the P938. These days I no longer chase the latest and greatest, but 10 years ago there was a shortage of good reliable pocket guns for CCW and I was always looking for that perfect self-defense piece which BTW, the P938 fits the bill to this day.
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