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Have You Ever Knowingly Overpaid for a Gun?

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About a month ago I bought my first 1911, a LNIB Ruger Commander. I found it at a LGS, and being something that I lusted after when it was released, I bought it pretty much right on value. I shot it a couple of times, and liked it, but found that I’ve been shooting my .22 more since it’s so much cheaper.

Last week I was in another shop looking at (and purchasing) a S&W Victory, and this gun was sitting on the used shelf. I’m a sucker for an old blued gun, and as lame as it sounds, it just kind of spoke to me. Long story short, I purchased my new Victory, and went back the next day with my Ruger and traded for the Colt. It’s a ‘71 LW Commander, and in the end, I figured with what I lost in the trade, I overpaid by around $100. I left thinking I’d regret it the next day, but I’m happy to say that I’m almost a week out, and am still super excited to pick it up when I get it added to my license.

I guess it’s just not in my blood to overpay for something like this, but I’m surprised with how little buyers remorse I have. Have you ever knowingly overpaid for a gun because it’s what you wanted?
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Let me get this straight... you traded a Ruger Commander + $100 for a Colt Commander? And you think you overpaid??? I think you got a bargain! The Colt is of higher quality with better resale value if you choose; mostly all steel small parts and no MIM. Ruger has a cast frame and cast and MIM small parts, although better sights. I would have made this deal in a heartbeat and given more cash if I had to. Enjoy it without remorse.
No, I got $100 less on my trade than I paid a month ago, and bought the Colt about right. Regardless, you guys are making me feel better about something I didn’t feel too bad about to begin with :)
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