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Yes...at least according to my Dad. In 1966 I bought a Remington Rand 1911a1 from a pawn shop for $69 (that was perfectly legal then - but I couldn't drive yet so my Mom was with me and that likely sealed the deal with the owner). When my Dad got home he was sort of miffed - he said he could have bought me one at Ft. Knox for $20 (I met a guy years later that did just that). Heck I was young an ignorant, what did I know?

Fast forward 8 years and I bought another Remington Rand off a Lexington cop for $35, so by then that was the right price ;)

Still got them both, still completely stock. I've used the $35 one to pass the Army Rifle qual three times, and won an impromptu 100 yard "sudden death" match at Gunsite with it about 15 years ago.

Oh yeah, in my defense the $69 gun came with set of real Sambar Stag stocks, which I thought was kinda cool but they were way too thick. It also had a micro front sight which was way too tall for the G.I. rear but I got that sorted out (bought a new g.i. front for $1).

I really wasn't that into 1911s back then, it was just a cheap way to get a centerfire pistol - I could not shoot it very well, years later when I got it out of storage, after leaning a little about accuracy, it shot pretty darn good for an old gun that rattles.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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