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Guns are like golf. Both are hobbies, you don’t expect to come out ahead playing golf but with guns you have a fair shot of breaking even or better. That’s how I rationalize all the guns that I don’t actually need anyway. Regardless of how much I pay.
I use the same logic. Any hobby will cost money you won't usually recover. It's not about saving money, it's the passion of the hobby.

Since retiring, I've been buying and trying different guns. Who knows how much time I have left in the gun game? So if there's something I want, I buy it (with-in reason). I'll keep and shoot it for awhile. And than eventually sell it for the next gun. Usually at a loss. And even when I think I'm coming out ahead, after doing the math, I'm at best breaking even. I'm not taking any of it with me, or have any nice family heirlooms to leave behind. So I don't get too attached to any guns I have. I'm just using it as I "pass through" life.

I'm blessed to live in an area where firearms are priced right. And being a full time gun guy, I'm usually up on current prices. But if there's something I really want, I'll over pay a few hundred to get it.

And here's an example of a "buy & try" I picked-up a few weeks ago. I shot it yesterday. And to my surprise, it was one of the funest guns I've ever shot. I'll probably keep this one for awhile. I have both .44 & .50 AE barrels for it. And reload for both.

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