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Heinie magwell?

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Did/does Heinie make a magwell along the same lines as the Ed Brown, but bolted, rather than welded, on? I want one that doesn't lengthen the gun.
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Yes, Heinie does make a mag well that requires removing .250" off the bottom of the frame and then his new well is held on by screws. It's more complicated than that but basically that's it. It is also rather expensive in that the mag well runs like $140 for a kit that contains the mag well and a set of Houge grips modified to work with it.

Compare that to EGW who will completely install their mag well on your frame, including cutting, welding, bending and modifying the grips for only $175.00.

Go to http://www.egw-guns.com/ and follow the links to Gallery, and then to Limited and Tactical, to see a nice picture of their installation.

Tim Bacus
Bacus Custom
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