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Well I lurked around this site to find a solution for a Sig TTT 1911 that I won that was having FTFeed issue new out of the box.

After some reading I lightly polished up the ramp on the bottom of the extractor and polished the feed ramp with some fine buffing compound and a Dremel tool polishing wheel. While I had it apart I did a trigger job and 80 grit glass bead blasted the rest of the frame.

I have owned various 1911 pistols over the years and never had a feed issue till now...guess I was beating the odds. After the rework of the extractor and polish she shot like a dream for 250 rounds today...not a single issue with the stock mags and a few Wilson Combat ETM's I loaded up.

My current 1911's are a Sig Sauer TTT 1911, Dan Wesson Specialist and Dan Wesson ECO in Duty black, STI Edge Hard Chromed.

Other pistols in the barn are a Glock 34, Sig Sauer P226, Beretta NANO, Walther PPS 40.

Look forward to reading and participating in the chat around here!

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