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Been lurking for awhile after deciding to buy a 1911 style. I couldn't help but be attracted buy the less expensive makers out there but went with the custom loaded in stainless. I have gained considerable knowlede and info from this sight and it's members. My personal thanks to those who contibute unbiased opinions. I have over 600 rounds through my new prized posession with no malfunctions regardless of type of ammo used. Of course sights will be changed to accomidate my aging eyes. MMC tritium adjustables will fill the bill nicely I think, and as soon as finances will allow this will be done. As it stands this gun outshoots my fathers Colt hands down(although he would never admit it), with some 185 grain shooting 2 in at 25 yrds.
Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Tough times don't last,tough people do.
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