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I have a fairly low opinion on the DeSantis based on (only) one of their holsters I own.
I ordered an OTB holster for a HP about 4 years ago, right off the bat it fit my 5” 1911 better than the HP – obviously they just sent me a 1911 holster. It is not suitable for concealed carry with either, because it allows the butt to stick out too far. Also the FBI cant is excessive for range work. I have a couple of Ky-Tac holsters (straight drop kydex) that work the best (IMHO) for action matches. These also have two tension adjustments that allow the user to set as needed. (Very nice if you have to go prone in a three gun match with the pistol holstered).

I have high regard for Milt Sparks and will soon be ordering my third there (as soon as my new Wilson shows up). I also have a K.L.Null SSS for a J Frame that is truly a work of art – they are pricey, but you get what you pay for. Alessi (from what I have read on these pages) also makes a top of the line holster, but I have no personal knowledge.

And that’s all I have to say about that!

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