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Help! My mags just fell apart!!

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Was doing some shooting today and of course what range session would be complete without taking taking the 1911 for a run.

About 3 weeks ago, I bought 3 magazines at a gun show. They are the kind with the 3 "weld" marks at the bottom on each side and the base plate has "COLT 45AUTO" stamped on the bottom.

I shot both the Mech Gars, then loaded up on of the others, fired off 2 shots and the bottom of the magazine came flying off, the spring flew out and the ammo soon came tumbling after. My first thought was that I had some kind of rupture. I inspected all the brass and it was in good condition. I dropped out the shell of the magazine and loaded another. This time, before I can even get to fire a round, the bottom flies off, the spring shoots across the field and I'm standing there holding 7 rounds of 45 in my left hand. The 3rd magazine wound up flying apart after about 4 shots. I finished up the rest of my session with the 2 MecGars without incident.

Any way to fix these, because now, I cannot even load them up with ammo before the base plate comes flying off. I'm thinking of just welding the plates on and then pitching the mags after they wear out. Any other suggestions?

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Stay with quality magazines like the Wilson-Rogers 7 rounders.

My freind had the bottom blow off of his Colt factory magazine, but it had many rounds thru it. Colt sent him a replacement.

Yep, get some Wilson mags.
If the mags work just weld the base plate back on. No big deal.
I have welded bottoms on Colt and Shooting Star mags and have used them for years.
I might be in the minority but I don't like Wilson magazines much at all. The plastic followers wear and do not lock the slide back and I break the base pads off all the time. Wilson will fix them free but for me Shooting Stars are the best mag on the market.


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I agree with Mike Benedict, on the Wilsons and the plastic followers, and the quality of the Shooting Stars. Cant go wrong if you heed this advice.

If you want a good solid 8 round mag the McCormick Power Mag is great.

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I'll agree, at least partly with Mike & Ken. I like CMC Shooting Star mags. I've recently gotten 2 Wilson-Rogers 7 rounders but can't comment on the quality as I haven't had the chance to try them out yet.

Part of the reason I like Shooting Stars is the welded base plate, not much chance of them flying off. They've been great in my Colt Gov't. and SA Champion.

Try a variety of makers then stick with what works in your particular gun and what you feel you can trust your life to.
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