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HELP, Where can i find..

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Where can I find Billy Bullets in 45acp ?
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I keep checking back, to see if anyone answers you. I'm curious.

Of course, the first thing that crossed my mind was Billy Beer and the idea that Carter's brother got into the bullet-making business, too.

What the heck are Billy Bullets, anyway?

If God didn't want us to own guns, why did He make the 1911?
Billy Bullets are a cast bullet coated wiht a nylon-moly-screat squriel coating that is not supposed to smoke, reduce barrel wear and brighten your smile. A local gunsmith here swears by them although he has been out of them for some time and I've yet to try them. Although he has them in 9 sillymeter.Onceupon a time I saw them referenced on a post on this forum ( I think )
Hey Rainman:
Billy Bullets!

I can't help with those, but it sounds from your last post as if the good folk at Precision Bullets might be able to hook you up. http://www.precisionbullets.com/
They sell a coated lead bullet that'll brighten your smile for sure.


hi rainman. he is local here in phoenix, az.
his number is 480-649-5170. he is sort of hard to get a line on, but the bullets are worth it. keep trying. best prices too. the bullets are everything they are made out to be and cheaper than precision bullets in texas. slippery when reloading though.

hope this helps
THANX !!! Fedaykin. I will give him a call.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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