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Help with a "Safety" Question

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For some reason, my Defenders thumb safety got stiff this weekend. When I take it out of the holster and thumb the safety off it requires quite a bit of pressure. Subsequent manioulation of the safety frees it up some, but the next day its right back to the stiff side. I have carried this gun for 3 years and have never had this problem until now. Before this it was near perfect with a nice light click on and off, just about perfect. Any ideas?? Thanks in advavance for any help and/or suggestions.

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Plunger tube is definately a weak area... Take a good long look...

Also check the Pluger itself, might be kinked, or gummed up... A little oil might help.

Also, the Detent on the safety made be gouging deeper through use, and may need to be contoured a little to make it smoother.

Good Luck...

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