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Help with mods for a 9mm SA Compact

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I have a Springfield Compact in 9mm that I would like to modify slightly and I need a little help. These are general mods so I thought this the better forum than the Springfield one.

The mods I have in mind are:
1. Night sights (probably Ashley Big Dots)
2. Ambi safety
3. Slightly stronger recoil spring

My questions are:
1. Do the sights for a 9mm have to be of a different height than a .45 for POA/POI to be mated?

2. Who makes an ambi safety that has a high ride and a slim profile? The Ed Brown tacticle looks interesting but then so does the Wilson.

3. Does the 9mm use the same kind of recoil spring as the .45 Ultra-compact?

For 3 I am guessing I will have to call Springfield but I welcome all comments. I apologize if it is decided this really does belong in the Springfield forum.