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All too often we are quick to complain when our expectations are not met and do not take the time to appreciate when things go well.

We have all heard of Henry's customer service reputation, but it is difficult not to worry when you're the customer in question. I acquired a new Henry 44 Big Boy, put approximately 200 factory rounds and 200 reloads through it before something internally broke. Not being a gunsmith I couldn't figure it out. I called Henry and within an hour I had a mailing label to send the gun back. They told me it would be 30 days before I would have my rifle back, but less than 10 days after they received it, the rifle is back at my door.

I could immediately tell that the function was fixed, but there were three very large chips taken out of the butt stock. I called Henry not knowing quite what to expect, and they told me they would send a replacement right away. Well today the replacement arrived and I am very happy to report that it also included the brass butt plate as well.

I now have a butt stock that somebody else is already put the first scratch on, so it's the everyday one, and if the gun ever becomes a display gun, which I doubt, I'll have a nice shiny new one to bolt on.

Thank you Henry for proving to me what everyone has said all along.
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