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Hi All,

I cleaned my HP last friday and went to the range on Sunday, What a disaster! The first couple of shots were fine but once the pistol got warm it would constintly jam with every shot! After i sat down and gave it all a good thought i became aware that the only thing i did different is that upon cleaning the pistol i oiled EVERYTHING from A to Z with a generios amount of gun oil. Being not sure i phoned up a long and very good friend of mine that happens to be a gun and pistolsmith as a proffesion. Needless to say he had a very good giggle at the whole story and said that it can actually damage the pistol.

Would like to know if this is commin around HP and if u agree that this could have been the problem? As i shoot about 500 rounds per month without ANY problems. I must also admit that it was the first time i gave the pistol an "oil" bath!!!

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