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A friend of mine recently purchased a Crusader, new in box, locally for $409. He said it ran great on its initial trip to the range, but he but a nasty scratch in the slide, clean through the finish.

He took it to a local business that refinishes with ceracote (sp?). He chose to have it done in two-tone, gunmetal blue over titanium blue. He noticed that when the Novak style sights were removed there was no finish in the cuts, and they were already beginning to rust (looked like surface rust only).

He wants to relpace the factory sights with some three white dot Novak style sights. Does anybody know what the front sight height should be on an Officer's size pistol. He does not have the factory front sight in hand to measure it, and wants to order them asap.

I recommended an SDM gold bead front with Yo-Bo or Hilton Yam rear. He wants to keep the price of the sights at or near about $100. He also wants also some rubber double diamond grips. I told him I could probably keep the whole package under $100 from Brownells. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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