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I've never used it, but I do use 700-X in .45acp. If you consult the IMR burn rate chart, you'll find that 700-X is listed at #6 between Hodgdon Clays at #5, and Allient's Bullseye at #7.

800-X is listed at #27 between Vihtavuori N340 at #26, and IMR's SR4756 at #28, this puts it in the same company as Herco, WSF, AA #5, and HS-6 which I would concider to be more appropriate for .357 Magnum.

IMR does list 800-X in their loading data, so it should be a safe powder for your application....

230 GR. REM MC

DIA: .451"
COL: 1.260"
HiSkor 700-X 5.0 770
17,700 CUP
PB 5.5 750
17,900 CUP
SR 7625 6.0 745
17,400 CUP
HiSkor 800-X 7.3 840
17,800 CUP

SR 4756 7.4 795
17,600 CUP

This is cut & pasted right from IMR's website.....

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Hey Sam,
Lonesome is right, Hi-Skor-800 is a little dirty .I've used it in 357& 44 mag.My Dillon did not want to meter it well when loading 357 mag.Using a Hornday powder thrower did a much better job.I think it would be fine to use.Be careful of your charge.When loading 44 mags to 1,300fps,I metered each round.Use it up.45ACP witch was your ?:scratch:

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Have used 800X in shotgun and .44 Rem Mag applications. 800X powder has very large flakes and does not meter well through my powder measure. 800X is a slow powder (with generally low chamber pressures) but as a result, is filthy in shotgun applications. It is not quite so dirty in higher pressure pistol loads.

I finally gave up on the powder as it was so dirty with shotgun loads (my primary use) and did not throw consistent charges in the smaller pistol loads. A pity as the velocity to pressure ratio was very good.
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