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Holster for small waist?

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I'm having an incredibly hard time concealing my full size 1911 on me. I have tried some holsters but they all leave the grip making a bulge in my shirt. I would like to know what the other slim people out there are able to use to conceal their 1911?
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I conceal a Kimber Pro CDP in a kydex paddle. (4" frame and full grip size). I have a 30" waist, but with 42" shoulders so I can hide my gun in the space left over from the V. People think it is my body, or I have small love handles. I used a Fobus holster until I realized that it didn't have enough retention, so I got a kydex De Santis/Blade tech type. To conceal the 1911 I found that it best to buy a holster that keeps the gun pressed into you a little. Bianchi "black widow" and "minimalist". For paddle type, the holster I just mentioned above and the fobus. (except the Fobus will tend to ride a little lower)
Dear Ag2001,

I have been having fair success w/ the Bianchi Pistol Pocket. I'm 6'0" ~ 150lbs. w/ a full size government model. The adjustable and lockable cant is doing good for me. I keep the gun in a radical angle, and it seems to be concealing well until I bend over, then all bets are off! Too, I like the thumbreak.

Tried the Blade Tech one size fits all, but do not recommend it. Good for the Glocks, but not so good for the 1911's IME. I would use one that was made for your particular weapon instead.

The Mitch Rosen ARG Express looks promising too.

Try a holster that tilts the grip up more in line with the body. IWB would probably be the best choice. Try placing the gun in your waist band and then tilting it at different angles. This will give you a fairly good idea of what position works best for you.

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I just wanted to thank everyone for their help! I will give everything you guys mention a try.. Thanks..
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