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Horsehide vs. cowhide holsters as related to Kimber Black Oxide

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I have been tickled poopless with my current carry rig of a Kimber Custom Eclipse in a Kramer horsehide vertical scabbard. There was minimal break in and now the holster seems like it was custom fit for this particular pistol.

I had some other Kramer cowhide products (crossdraw being one) that were laying in the back of the safe and decided to see if they provided the same properties. The pistol had lain over night wrapped in waxed paper in the holster first before I put the pistol into the holster naked. This has always worked for me in the past as far as break in. The pistol went in fine but on trying to draw it would not budge. For a minute I thought I might have to cut the thing out. Finally, with some creative twisting, it came free.

Now I had heard that other Eclipse owners were having trouble with the black oxide finish sticking in the holster. I blew this off as bs. However, I am now wondering if this is an advantage of horsehide over cowhide that I was not aware of. Or perhaps my horsehide holster was treated differently and is just "slicker". They both feel the same as far as roughness on the inside of the holster.
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No its probably the finish . I noticed on a 1991 Colt with the rough black finish that when both the Holster and Gun were new it would stick . But as the holster broke in it got better . You might try adding a layer of plastic or wax paper to the one you already use to gain additional width . Go a layer up until you get the desired level of resistance you want . But also keep in mind that soon the edges will smoth up on your Gun to and that may make it better . Also several presentations will aid in breaking in . If they dont involve a Come along to remove it that is . Later .

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I doubt the problem you described is caused by a difference in slickness of the materials. I suspect it may be caused by a difference in pliability of the two leathers. Horse hide tends to mold out a little softer then cow hide. The holsters you mention are molded closely to the gun and pick up a lot of detail of the firearms lines. Area's like the trigger housing, ejection port and any other area that sticks out or pokes in provides a means of retention to hold the gun in the holster. Since the cowhide molds out stiffer plus the amount of detail in the holster I'm guessing the snugness is caused by the moulding.

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