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House carry

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Do ALL of you carry cocked & locked, or do you guys do the Israeli draw?

I know the Israeli draw isn't the greatest thing if you're carrying concealed in public and stuff, but if you're at home and you're handling your firearm/holster/pants and have more advnace warning of a BG coming (a breaking windor or doorbell or barking dog at least) and would have the time to chamber a round, does carrying unchambered around the house have its merits? Or is chambered always best? Thanks.

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It is a good idea - what ever way you carry - that it be the same way at all times if possible. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for a hiccup. I would treat "in the house" the same as "out". You never know when you might have reason to step outside, how often, or what emergency might arise. And afterall, that's what pistols are for. As already mentioned, any warning, and it's time to fetch a suitable weapon of choice.
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