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House carry

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Do ALL of you carry cocked & locked, or do you guys do the Israeli draw?

I know the Israeli draw isn't the greatest thing if you're carrying concealed in public and stuff, but if you're at home and you're handling your firearm/holster/pants and have more advnace warning of a BG coming (a breaking windor or doorbell or barking dog at least) and would have the time to chamber a round, does carrying unchambered around the house have its merits? Or is chambered always best? Thanks.

Jeff More
Irvine, PRC
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Another vote for keeping it in the same mode at all times. Just because you're in your home is no guarantee that you'll have an extra second to rack the slide, let alone an additional two seconds or so to fumble with it before you remember that it's not in the same condition you usually carry it in.

As for making it safer to keep at home, your home defense pistol doesn't belong on top of the entertainment center, the china cabinet, the reficerator, the end table, or the nightstand (unless you're in bed, asleep); there is no guarantee you'll be close to one of those places when you need to grab it, or be close enough to prevent unauthorixed personnel (children, etc,) from gaining access to it. It belongs in the same place you normally carry it; on your body. Any handguns not on your person should be unloaded and locked away.

Roger Shambaugh
Ottawa, Kansas
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