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House carry

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Do ALL of you carry cocked & locked, or do you guys do the Israeli draw?

I know the Israeli draw isn't the greatest thing if you're carrying concealed in public and stuff, but if you're at home and you're handling your firearm/holster/pants and have more advnace warning of a BG coming (a breaking windor or doorbell or barking dog at least) and would have the time to chamber a round, does carrying unchambered around the house have its merits? Or is chambered always best? Thanks.

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My 45 sits C&L in my magazine rack next to my chair in the parlor. If I'm in the back of the house, a Winchester 1300 Defender 12 gauge sits ready for unwanted guests. I am fortunate in that I no longer have any children in the house (all grown up). Just me, the wife, and the dog. I would suggest that a plan be formulated in the event that you have to defend yourself and your family in your home. You would not want a family member suddenly coming out of a room at the sound of a gunshot and end up in the line of fire! What would happen if a round penetrated an interior or exterior wall? You have to determine, based on your particular environment, what plan would work best for you! Unfortunately there is no way to determine what would happen in an actual armed intrusion. But I believe thinking ahead might prevent a serious accident.

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