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House generator, thoughts.

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I'm sure this has been discussed before but, since going thru Hurricane Ian ( I'm in North Port, Florida ) and haven't had electricity from FPL since Wednesday. At least I have my Miller ( welder/generator) Big Blue 400 for a power source. Its not wired into the panel, just a couple of cords running power to refrigerators and powering up phones and laptops. What are you thoughts on "whole house" generators, gasoline, propane or diesel?
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I am an industrial/commercial electrician and I have installed both Koehler and Generac generators in commercial buildings. They are both fine machines but my nod would go to the Generac. They are just very, very nice machines.
I would also echo the thought that propane is the more reliable choice. Gasoline can (will) go bad over long term storage and will be hard or impossible to get after life goes sideways and natural gas leaves you dependent on the gas company.
My suggestion would be to get a Generac and have a transfer switch installed. Don't plan on running cords to save a buck, you don't want to be doing that in emergency situations. And you are healthy enough to pull out the refrigerator to get to the cord and mess with sump pump power and such today, but will you be in 10 years? If you are investing in a generator I assume you plan on keeping this house.
Here's another thought, every fuel source runs dry, even a 500lb propane tank. It wouldn't hurt to also grab a smallish Honda gas generator for when your propane runs dry so at least you can keep a refrigerator and sump pump and a few lights going a little longer. Who says power will only be out for a week?
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