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House generator, thoughts.

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I'm sure this has been discussed before but, since going thru Hurricane Ian ( I'm in North Port, Florida ) and haven't had electricity from FPL since Wednesday. At least I have my Miller ( welder/generator) Big Blue 400 for a power source. Its not wired into the panel, just a couple of cords running power to refrigerators and powering up phones and laptops. What are you thoughts on "whole house" generators, gasoline, propane or diesel?
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Natural gas and propane is best with all things considered. Fuel does not go bad like gasoline and diesel can. It takes a bunch of batteries and solar panels to run very much at all. Solar panel or two to keep the generator starting battery charged when not being used is a good idea. Get a name brand genset. Parts and service will then be possible. Then again, if funding is a problem, get what you can. Probably a lot of people would be happy to have a cheap generator right now.
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