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House generator, thoughts.

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I'm sure this has been discussed before but, since going thru Hurricane Ian ( I'm in North Port, Florida ) and haven't had electricity from FPL since Wednesday. At least I have my Miller ( welder/generator) Big Blue 400 for a power source. Its not wired into the panel, just a couple of cords running power to refrigerators and powering up phones and laptops. What are you thoughts on "whole house" generators, gasoline, propane or diesel?
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I have an 8KW Generac that is natural gas powered. It will also run on propane without modifications. I haven’t added the plumbing to use propane, but it’s a pretty simple thing. We had a EF-5 tornado come through our little town in 2011. My house wasn’t damaged, but a block away was total devastation. Looked like it has been carpet bombed. The power went off and the generator kicked off and never skipped a beat. Until, the gas company shut off the main. There must have been 1000 houses ripped off their foundations, and most of them had a gas line. Took about two weeks to get power back. Got gas back at the same time. We lost power for 28 hours last month after a severe thunderstorm. The generator kept us in lights, tv, fans etc.,but no AC. In winter, the generator will operate the gas heat. If I had it to do over, I’d have installed a bigger generator. But it was installed in 1999, in anticipation of Y2K.
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