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How did you find us ?

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The staff would also be interested in how you found this forum. Please reply below if you wish .
Thanks all!

Take care,

1911 Staff
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I have been a member since last February, and early in the month I bought a DW 09 Marksman 45 ACP, and was looking for info on any 1911.
Googled 1911, and found about five websites that really interested me, was a Guest on all of them for about 7 days.
From the info, and friendship I seen on here. So I joined this one. Thanks to all The Staff and Members for making this the forum it is............:rock::rock:

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I had already been thrown off "9" nine forums, down on my luck and "depressed". :bawling:

I had tried for days to regain access to some of them by changing my "screen name", but they had my IP address and were waiting for me. :eek:

I just happened to stumble across "1911forum.com" . I was a bit worried that I would not fit in, because I only owned a "Daisy Rough Rider". So, I ran out and bought "3" Colt Series 70's. :)

I have lasted past "100" posts and I am happy. :rock:

Confession: I have owned 1911's all my adult life. I found this site by GOOGLEing "1911 Forums". This site also provided sections on other gun related topics. I hope to stay a while.
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I thought THR was a good site, and then I found a gun forum specific to my state... figured there had to be ones for specific makes and models of guns, so I probably found this forum with Google.
I think I was on the Smith and Wesson forum and somebody referenced this forum.
I'm an SEO guy myself, and I tend to think a little more highly of sites that are holding 1st page, 1st position rankings for their bread & butter keywords - that tells me a lot right off the bat! So yes, Google brought me here.

All it took was a few minutes of quick research to find out that it was a large, helpful community, and perhaps as important - I'm a HUGE vBulletin fan - it really makes a difference for me when choosing a forum. :rock:
Being a newbie, I was in the long process of purchasing my first 1911 and was not quit sure what I wanted. A friend of mine in Florida got me interested in 1911's and mentioned that there are gun forums. So when I came home I googled "1911" and your forum showed up. Finally purchased my first firearm this past June....Glad I have been following, reading, learning, asking questions, etc.... Tons of knowledge available from members simply by asking for their input and by reading the different threads and replies.... I have learned a lot and still a lot too learn, Thanks to the staff and all forum's members ...

googled "1911."
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I spend a lot of time on the Ar 15 Armory forum and they talk a lot about 1911's (favorite hand gun over there) so I got interested and used Google to find this site.
I was referred here by a friend after I bought my first Kimber
I also found this place with google forum searches, there were others, but I have learned more here than anywhere else.

This site = :rock:
Google-ing 1911 "How-To" gunsmithing information.
I belong to another 1911 forum and THR and this forum was mentioned in several posts. I checked it out and now, I'm a member here too. I dropped the THR forum as it was too poorly moderated. This forum and the other 1911 are moderated much better.
I too, found the site with Google search.

I recently (June) bought a New Kimber which I had a few problems with, so I googled Kimber problems & found this forum. Problems resolved, paranoia subsided, I didn't throw my $ away & I love my new 1911. The info & community here kept my interest so I finally joined. Thanks for all your help!!
Honestly.... I was at the shooting range, and a fellow shooter in my handgun class was showing me his Les Baer TRS. He recommended that I check out a website about 1911 handguns. It was the other website with the .org.

Lucky for me, I couldn't remember the name of the website when I got home. While searching on the internet, I stumbled across this fine forum and joined. I later found that other website which was recommended, but I prefer this forum MUCH better. :)
Hi all.
I really don't remember??? But In 2 days, It will be, one year and 1 month sinse I joined, but who's counting, ( 7/28/09 ) And let me say that " I have been thrown out of better places than this In the passed " I think It was Groucho Marks that said something like " I would not belong to any club that would have me as a member ":biglaugh:

I hope In the passed year + I have not stept on anyones toes, If I did, It was not my Intent to do so. And thank you for putting up with all my Bull Crap!!!

Semper Fi all. Hank.
i was searching google for 45 load data and 1911's and thankfully stumbled on this place i now consider my second home. great place with great people. i just want to thank the owner(s), mods, sponsors, and supporters that keep this place rolling.
just another young fng peeps

ok iv seen this site before several times....in my numerous searches on different 1911 questions I have.....haveing always been a gun nut...I got my hands on my springfield 1911 a1 us gi....when I was 16....I love it...but I also got my hands on a brownells catalog :):)....and I have been wanting to make a few changes..so...I came here in search for information...and from what I can see it seems I have hit the holy grail of information and 1911 nuts..any advice would be welcomed and valued....
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