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How do I move the sights on a Wilson Protector?

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Been experimenting with quite a few loads and consistently find that my protector's elevation is a little less than three inches low and the windage is to the left about two inches at 22 yards. I believe the sights need to adjusted so I can hit the center of the target. Do I have to send the pistol back to Wilson or is there a way I can adjust the sights myself? Thanks in advance.

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The windage adjustment can be done by yourself. You will need to drift the rear sight slightly to the right.

The elevation problem is a little more complex, as your sights are "fixed" and have no means of up and down adjustment. I find it a little odd that the gun is shooting that low, as Wilson tests his guns, and the majority that I have seen tend to shoot about 1" - 2" high at 25 yds.

Wilson will fix it for you without question, but first, you may want to try different ammo, and see if your point of impact changes. Try something a little slower, or with a heavier bullet. This may raise POI.
You could also file down the front sight slightly, but if you were going to do that, I would simply send it back to Wilson's and let them make it right.
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