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As mentioned, stock weight is 16 lbs. in a 5" model, 18 lbs. in Commander length. When to change them depends on how hot your loads are. A general rule of thumb is every 2000 - 3000 rds.

You will know if you have too light a spring by brass ejecting too far, and by possible smear (tear-shape) firing pin marks on your primers. You may also be experiencing some FTF with the bullet nose jammed into the feed ramp, or vertical into the top of the barrel hood/chamber.

Too heavy will cause FTE more frequently.

LenB mentions that the mainspring (hammer spring) factor is also involved, and it is to some degree. If you have a lighter mainspring than stock, you may need to go to a lighter recoil spring. The hammer tension against the slide does play a small factor.

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