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How Good is the HP .40?

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I have an opportunity to trade for a new .40 S&W HP, how good is the HP in .40, I know they are legendary in 9mm.

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when we had the shop 3yrs ago we sold a bunch of 40sw hipowers,had 0 troubles or complaints,wish id bought one for myself...


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I'm pretty fond of mine. After about a thousand rounds it's a little loose in the slide to frame fit but is still the most accurate .40 I own. The trigger would probably be better without the magazine safety but it's manageable. The factory grips on mine didn't have a great fit and kind of slid around but I replaced them with Hogues. It's a keeper.
Bronc, I've worked on a bunch of them over the years, anmd though I'm not a big fan of the 40 round, it's one of the best guns adapted for it's use I feel. They are very reliable (especially with factory mags), and hold up well to extended use. Most are more accurate than most of us can shoot. I'd go for it.

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I was looking for a BHP in .40 and couldn't find one for a decent price. Sounds like this one fell in your lap. If it's a good deal I would grab it.
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