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How good is the SA Custom Shop?

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I guess I shouldn't have expected better out of a less-than-expensive sidearm, but I did and now I want to upgrade.

Originally, I thought to simply sell my loaded and buy something better, but now I'm thinking of simply having the pistol-in-hand tricked out.

What I'm looking to do is as follows:

Fill in the forward slide serrations (or replace the slide entirely).

Add Ashley sights (non-useable rear sight one more reason to replace the slide)

Overall reliability. I've seen a lot of wiggle where I don't think wiggle belongs. Is that barrel link supposed to flop around on the slide stop?

I haven't seen many SA guns that are stock (all the local smiths own them and tinker incessantly) so I can't say how my weapon compares to them. I have put it up against customs and there is no comparison; that Les Baer compact I passed up a few years ago still sticks in my mind as a faux pas of serious magnitude.

Anyhow, do you think it would be better to send it back to SA for work? Or should I just send it to a smith like Clark or Burns?? Or...is this Fate's way of telling me to buy another gun?


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I'm really surprised that your SA is not up to snuff.... I have your basic loaded..... it's had thousands of SWC stuff thru it and has never....repeat never failed to cycle and function reliably other than twice I jammed a cheap SA 10 rd. mag too far in on an open slide and it jammed. Mags fault, not the gun. The magazine didn't have a stop to prevent this... Better mags and that solved that problem.

I'm relatively new to the action style of shooting but have shot silhouette since the early 80's and as far as accuracy... the loaded shoots good enough out to 100 yds to hit the little rams every time if I can hold it. How much more accuracy do we really need? The farthest target I've seen at the action matches I've been to is 25 yds and they are awfully big. I've got a friend that has a Les Baer Premiere II and this gun will shoot just as accurate and is every bit as reliable.... It doesn't look like we need adjustable sights for the size target and the distances we shoot.... A better front sight (fiber optic) and a dovetail slide to put it in would have been more appropriate but as long as it shoots to point of aim at 15 yds.... what more is needed? It appears that you have got a bad one, but I'm more than happy with mine..

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