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How good is the SA Custom Shop?

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I guess I shouldn't have expected better out of a less-than-expensive sidearm, but I did and now I want to upgrade.

Originally, I thought to simply sell my loaded and buy something better, but now I'm thinking of simply having the pistol-in-hand tricked out.

What I'm looking to do is as follows:

Fill in the forward slide serrations (or replace the slide entirely).

Add Ashley sights (non-useable rear sight one more reason to replace the slide)

Overall reliability. I've seen a lot of wiggle where I don't think wiggle belongs. Is that barrel link supposed to flop around on the slide stop?

I haven't seen many SA guns that are stock (all the local smiths own them and tinker incessantly) so I can't say how my weapon compares to them. I have put it up against customs and there is no comparison; that Les Baer compact I passed up a few years ago still sticks in my mind as a faux pas of serious magnitude.

Anyhow, do you think it would be better to send it back to SA for work? Or should I just send it to a smith like Clark or Burns?? Or...is this Fate's way of telling me to buy another gun?


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When I sent my Springfield HiCap to the custom shop for warranty work (barrel hood way short, gouges and swirl marks, loose slide frame, and notchy trigger) I also requested a 3.5 pound trigger job.

Custom shop requires that you give written permission to take the trigger below 4 pounds. They also required me to buy a new hammer and sear! Since the trigger was non-adjustable, I asked them to replace the trigger with a lightweight unit...they did all the above for $240. (no charge for warranty work)

This took eight weeks. The work was pretty good, and the trigger has "matured" to be a very crisp and right at 3 pounds, a really nice trigger!
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