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How good is the SA Custom Shop?

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I guess I shouldn't have expected better out of a less-than-expensive sidearm, but I did and now I want to upgrade.

Originally, I thought to simply sell my loaded and buy something better, but now I'm thinking of simply having the pistol-in-hand tricked out.

What I'm looking to do is as follows:

Fill in the forward slide serrations (or replace the slide entirely).

Add Ashley sights (non-useable rear sight one more reason to replace the slide)

Overall reliability. I've seen a lot of wiggle where I don't think wiggle belongs. Is that barrel link supposed to flop around on the slide stop?

I haven't seen many SA guns that are stock (all the local smiths own them and tinker incessantly) so I can't say how my weapon compares to them. I have put it up against customs and there is no comparison; that Les Baer compact I passed up a few years ago still sticks in my mind as a faux pas of serious magnitude.

Anyhow, do you think it would be better to send it back to SA for work? Or should I just send it to a smith like Clark or Burns?? Or...is this Fate's way of telling me to buy another gun?


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VaughnT --

I certainly understand your desire to have your pistol spiffed up, but I'm not sure I understand what's wrong with it as it is. To me, "reliability" means feeding and firing rounds, not tightness of parts fit. Having a tight fit between the slide stop and the hole in the barrel link serves no purpose. Not for accuracy, not for reliability. What's important for accuracy is that the lower lugs of the barrel stand up firmly and evenly on the slide stop pin when the slide's in battery. If you can push the barrel hood down while the slide's in battery, accuracy will suffer. The link just serves to pull the barrel down out of engagement with the upper lugs when the pistol cycles.

Does the pistol have reliability problems? What's wrong with the rear sight? If you want a custom gun because you want one, go nuts! Sometimes, though, I think people lose track of how well stock 1911's really work, and are made to feel as if their pistols are inadequate because of all the hype over slicked-up guns.

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VaughnT --

It does sound as if your barrel is not properly fitted. If I took delivery of a pistol with an inoperative thumb safety, and improperly fitted barrel, I think I'd send it back for complete repair or replacement under warranty, and ask for NO custom work.

So long as they are doing warranty service to bring your pistol up to the condition in which it should have been delivered, the burden is entirely on them. Once you ask them to customize the gun for you, you "own" it.

If I wanted the pistol, but was tired of dealing with Springfield, I would send it to a custom smith I trusted, and have him "make it right" from top to bottom.

Good luck.

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