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How many mags do you carry?

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How many single stack .45 mags do you carry? How many is too many before you feel weighed down. How much is too much for you?
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gun/1 spare for 17 rds
One spare 8 rounder.

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None..............................................................................................cuz I like my DOUBLE STACK Para's (P13-45). I carry gun plus 2 mags (13 + 12 + 12 = 37 rds.)
For everyday concealed carry I carry just one spare Wilson 7 round mag for my Kimber Ultra carry. However, during long road trips I carry my fullsize Kimber and carry 2 spare 8 round mags on me plus 2 spare 10 round mags in the glove compartment.
I carry a full size Norinco with 2 extra 8 rounders.

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2 extra 8 rounders for a total of 25 rounds. I don't feel weighted down, yet. I carry a 3# radio at work, so my SA Champion & 2 extra mags do not seem that heavy.

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Depends..... As the potential risk of engagement varies, so does the amount of ammo carried.... some days 1 extra 7rd mag, other days 4 extra 7 rd mags (note: always 7rd mags).
For general needs, one spare should get me through... Enough to clear a malfunction, or top off after. I prefer to carry 2 though, one with JHP's, one with Ball.

Of course, there's usually a gear bag hiding in the truck, and in it, you would find quite a few more mags, and some ammo, both ball, and JHP's.

If it ever came down to it, I would hope that I was done and still had ammo in the gun, and really would hope 1 or 2 rounds ended the fight. I don't expect a malfunction either, but stranger things have happened.

It just seems that around here, packing more than a spare or possibly 2 would be asking for trouble when the shooting was reviewed... Surely, some gun-grabbing prosecuter would try to make a case that having a few too many spare's was "Looking for a fight", so don't get too carried away.

It really depends on the percieved threat level, and distance of travel... On a road trip, you'd think I was ready for a major offensive, but again, what's ON my body is usually 2 spares
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I carry at least one spare mag per gun (if carrying a primary and a backup) or two spares if just carrying one gun.
Only one spare, but I either carry my P-14 or Ruger P-89. When I carry my single stack I still only carry one, if 16 rounds dont put the man down, run!

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Full size 1991a1 with 2 spare metalform 7 rounders for a total of 21 rounds.
Two extra 7-round, sometimes i just feel like four though.. -Gilmore

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