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How many rounds through your Para?

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I am planning on buying a P-16 to use in IDPA's Enhanced Service Pistol class and dabble in IPSC a little. What sort of Service, good and bad have the Para's given you? Have parts broken? Which ones?

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I had a para p-14 limited and was not impressed with it. The gun never really ran right. Inconsistant malfunctions, not really accurate, and the mags all needed work to function properly. I was thinking about having some serious work done on it to get it up to speed, but after figuring out how much it would have cost, I sold it and bought an SVI, and was happy.
I keep hearing about the problems people have with their Paras, but haven't seen any but the most minor that all can be very easily fixed. And, by the way, there are a whole lot of Paras in this area. Mine has 25k rounds through it. The bushing broke after 22K-23K rounds. That's been the only problem. The problem with any misfeeds I've had the whole time have been with my reloads. Accuracy has never been a problem, the gun shoots a whole lot better than I do. Same pretty much goes for all the Paras my friends have. Tod Jarrett got one of the very early LDA's. Last I heard he has 40K rounds through it with no problems. That was about a year ago. Only non Para parts on mine are a trigger and extended mag release since new and a tungsten guide rod since last September.
MidValleyShooter -- Sorry, but one more thing. About the mags. I shoot a 40 S&W Para in IPSC and IDPA, and also have one in 45 ACP. The mags have almost been the best part. Of the 14 mags I have, one required a bit of work to drop out empty from a frame without the slide on it. Other than that, all mags have worked great the way I got them. Almost have to believe the complaints are about OEM mags rather than factory.
Nicholas, I have to agree with you on the reliability of the P-16. I have a Limited SS and the only problem I have is feeding bad ammo. I had a box of Winchester white box 180gr FMJ's that the bullets were loaded too deep and they would not feed. Once I figured out that they were short and went to other ammo, it worked fine.

I have replaced the stock plastic mag release with a SS one. Other than that it's completely stock.
I own 2 P13-45 Ltd's. Both have over 5,000 rds. NO problems at all (after break-in period).
Hello Kieth,
I'm shooting an All-Sport Forty this is a racegun I build using the P-16 as the base gun. The one I'm shooting at the present time has at least 40 thousand rounds through it and the load I'm shooting is a 135 gr bullet moving 1560 fps these loads are hot. I do change out the trigger group parts because I'm running a trigger pull of 1.5 pounds. In all fairness to Para when I do a trigger job on any factory gun I always change all the trigger group parts no matter who the manufacture is. As for mags I've had no problems with Para mags at all. Also I use the Grams kits in some of my mags they change the mag capacity to twenty one rounds. If you want to view the All-Sport Forty in action there is a video on my web site. If the Para can hold up to the loads I'm shooting which it has very well that says a lot. Also the gun I'm shooting is very accurate and I'm using the stock barrel. I hope this helps.
Regards, Bob Hunter www.huntercustoms.com
uncountable thousands of rounds thru my p-14,has only failed once,the "hook"broke off a brand new extractor.all the ammo experiments that dont run well in my single stacks go thru it like gas thru a funnel. there might be some "gamier" pistols than p-16 for ESP in idpa,but for a IPSC it will more than fit the bill.
I was running a P-14 limited and can't really complain. In 15000 rounds I had to replace a slide stop and the firing pin stop. Other than that it ran fine. There was the day I test drove a SV and I can't remember the last time I shot the para.
I have about 10,000 through my P14-45. At around 3500 I had an extractor problem. Othe than that I have not complaints.
Thanks for the replies folks.

About 3000rds.

One malfunction to date!
I have a p14 set up for open class IPSC. I must have about 20,000 rounds through it. I have had no parts failures. Trigger group, hammer, Safety, grip safety, guide rod, Mag release, all not stock. Even though vhitavouri powder burns clean i can litteraly get to 1500 rounds without cleaning before i get a cleaning related stopage. GREAT GUN!!!
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